Derrick Petzold

Open source enthusiast and developer

My home on the web. Uses the Django web framework, uwsgi as the WSGI server, nginx as the media server and load balancer, pygments for the syntax highlighting. Author and designer. streams trending videos to your browser like a never ending tv show. This was Cory Shaw's awesome idea. I was responsible for the backend development. is Pandora clone written using Django and JavaScript. It uses to find the music relationships. Author and designer. is a photo sharing and tagging website. Facial detection was run on the photos so the bounding boxes were already drawn around the faces eliminating a step in a tedious process. I authored views and the process to run facial detection on the photos and upload them to S3. was BlueLava's first photo site. It was event based and slideshows would be created from the albums. I authored the views and process to generate the slideshows from the photos on EC2.

Below is a snippet of my resume. Click here to view the full version in pdf, its proper format.